All Natural Perfume DIY

Happy New Year!

I’m going to start off 2015 and this new blog with a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make all natural perfumes using essential oils.  These perfumes are great because they contains wonderfully smelling essential oils, and they don’t contain anything harmful to our bodies.
I created two different perfume blends, Holiday Bliss and Holiday Musk, that were given out as gifts for the holidays. Holiday Bliss contains ylang ylang, the invigorating blend, patchouli, and cassia while Holiday Musk contains lemongrass, cedarwood, cassia, and cinnamon bark.

While making your perfume, feel free to choose whatever oils you want! Some different recipes can be found here.

FCO – Fractionated coconut oil(you could also use jojoba oil or sweet almond oil)

Essential oils of your choice (If you’re interested in learning more about the ones I use, feel free to visit here.)

Small bottles/roller balls (I believe mine are 10ml.)

Droppers (helpful when wanting an exact drop count, but not needed)

Decorating Supplies(optional)



Scrapbook paper/tags



Now is the time to decide how many drops of each of your chosen oils to drop into your perfume bottle. If you are not following a recipe, make sure that you write down or label the combination that you create (you’ll be bummed later if you don’t!)


How to make natural perfume:
Fill bottle 3/4 with FCO, then add 10-30 drops of your chosen oils.

Screw on the cap, shake, and you’re good to go!

After your new perfume sits for 24 hours or more, the oils within will all combine.

holiday musk and holiday bliss

If you want to make a pretty tag and decorate your new perfume bottle, there are many easy ways to do so.  I just used some thin, wired ribbon, rhinestones, and plain paper. Some scrapbook paper would look great, too! 

These perfumes are great as gifts, incentives, or even kept for yourself. Have fun mixing up different scents and wearing them wherever you go!


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